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Time with Uncle TednLisa

This site is going to be for us to have pictures of Lucas and Jadie posted on.  I want to have enough room on our existing webpage, so I created the UncleTednLisa webpage.  I hope that you enjoy looking at our adventures with our new nephew.
This week I was privileged enough to go to Lucas's first Dr. appointment.  I know he will have so many more, and I probably won't go to many, if any at all.   I can say though I was there for the first one.  I also got to feed him a bottle.  Well at first I poured some all over him, since the bottle top wasn't on right.  It was an experience.  I don't remember giving Matthew those first feedings, but it was sure was a special moment to look in to his newborn eyes, while feeding him.  These memories will last a lifetime.  I am so glad I got to spend time with Lucas as a newborn. 
The following are links to video clips of Lucas.

Lucas July 31, 2005

Jadie looking cool with Shades